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11/23/15 heflinreps’ Illustrators exhibited at the Society of Illustrators

Illustrators Jun Cen, Owen Freeman, Paul Rogers and Meilo So will be exhibited at the Society of Illustrators. Currently The Original Art show running through December 23rd includes Meilo So's Noodle Magic artwork, published by Scholastic. Stay tuned for more exhibition dates. Congratulations to all! more »

10/07/15 Healthy dose of paranoia and humor with the artwork of Mark Todd

Artwork by Mark Todd defy the normal descriptors for illustration and for me at least turn my attention towards memorable moments in one's life like adolescence, the crush, naive obsession, innocence and loss of innocence. The spirit in the line and expression always make me smile even when the subject is serious and worth the time to consider, deeply. A little snippet of Mark Todd's larger body of work as a reminder of how he makes it look easy. more »

09/29/15 Jun Cen for Smith Journal

Jun Cen for Smith Journal, a quarterly publication based in Australia. Smith Journal specializes in stories about thinkers, makers and adventurers. Each volume, commissions one illustrator to design two to four custom full page pieces to accompany the articles. more »