Ping Zhu’s fashion and lifestyle illustrations for Concrete Design and client Minto

Posted on 02/18/13 by Sally

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Concrete Design in Canada hires Ping Zhu to illustrate the type of clientele attracted to moving into a trendy condo called Upper West in Westboro Ottawa. The copy to attract buyers is Live Where There’s More to Love and Ping’s brief was to bring some warmth, style and excitement to architectural renderings of the condominium. A woman strolling to her yoga class, a distinctive young business man, a young man dressed on trend walking his Great Dane to parkland trails, a woman riding her bike with her pug in the front basket to visit a friend at a nearby café and a fun loving couple who can appreciate the best of urban living.

Phase I of Concrete’s marketing and sales campaign is intended to attract a certain clientele and Ping’s colorful and lively people created customer identification with the life style Upper West is meant to offer.

Pings illustrations appear on sales cards and folders, oversized brochures, sales office signage and display. We were so lucky to have the chance to work with such a prestigious design firm and client, Minto.

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