Jared Andrew Schorr Creates the Look for BEAR’s First TV Ad

Posted on 07/31/14 by Sally

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Jared Andrew Schorr Creates the Look for BEAR's First TV Ad

BEAR, a UK company specializing in healthy fruit-based snacks has launched their first TV ad for Yoyo fruit rolls—and Jared Andrew Schorr provided the illustrated material for it. Titled “BEAR's Grrreat Adventure,” the animated commercial follows the company's mascot, a brown bear, on an adventure that begins in his cave in the woods and takes him around the world in a hot air balloon.

Jared worked with BEAR and Vamonos Creative to get “the right look for the commercial,” he says, adding that “Fred & Eric did the amazing animation job. I provided them with all of the illustrations that they wanted, separated out so that they could layer things on top of each other as the camera panned in [and] out or to the side—they needed the flexibility of seeing the 'world' and then zooming in on specific places. Once it was in their hands, they did their wizardry. It's seriously like magic to me.”

BEAR had recently commissioned Jared for a packaging project, and they “knew that there was only one man for the job when it came to our first TV advert,” says Emma Hines, the company's head of marketing. “Our brand has a really handcrafted, tactile simplicity to it, which Jared just totally gets—he makes everything with so much love and attention to detail. What we love most, though, is the humor and imagination that he brings to everything that he does. He adds so much magic to each project, bringing our crazy ideas to life beautifully with consistent energy and excitement.”

Witnessing the first cut of the commercial was a memorable moment for Jared. “I got a tear in my eye just seeing all of the little parts come together,” he says. “It's a really fun commercial, and this was BEAR's first, so it was nice to be a part of their history, as well, because I think they are a great company doing innovative things.”

Written by Eve Tolpa

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