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10/11/13 Rachell Sumpter joins heflinreps

I recently came across more of Rachell Sumpter’s artwork and was newly impressed with the way she approaches each assignment. Rachell is most well known for the 3 book covers by Dave Eggers, What is the What, Zeitoun and The Wild Things published by McSweeneys more »

07/16/13 The Property by Rutu Modan

Rutu Modan's second full length graphic novel is the story of a young Israeli woman, Mica Segal, who travels with her paternal grandmother to Warsaw to reclaim an apartment building they were forced out of in 1940. But the grandmother is withholding a wartime secret. more »

05/06/13 Lifestyle and wellbeing covers for Annabelle Metayer

Annabelle Metayer's artwork is striking a chord with young girls and women alike depicting confident professionals, fashionable girl-vampires,health-conscious tweens as well as adventurous characters traveling in London and Hades. more »