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01/18/13 Joe Morse and John Coy collaborate on Hoop Genius

Joe Morse and John Coy collaborate on Hoop Genius, How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball, Carolrhoda Books. James Naismith is that desperate teacher and in 1891 soccer, lacrosse and indoor football were too much for a class of rowdy male students. more »

11/09/12 Annabelle Metayer for Mean Girls at Work

Be they mean, kind, wise or wild, I simply enjoy drawing all kinds of stylish women. So I was delighted to receive the commission to create the cover for this contemporary book geared to women in the workplace. more »

10/05/12 Meilo So for Random House: Alex The Parrot

I am so excited to be writing about Alex The Parrot, No Ordinary Bird Meilo So'€™s wonderful and heartwarming illustrated children's book published by Random House. I am an animal lover and any book that has an illustration of a parrot saying I love you to his care taker, and I'm hooked! more »