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Category: Conceptual

07/16/13 Kyushu Japan Railway PLEASE covers by Tatsuro Kiuchi

PLEASE is a complimentary brochure issued monthly by Kyushu Japan Railway. Kyushu is a southern area of Japan and if you are traveling there you will find one of these brochures in most of the train stations or seat pockets of express trains. more »

03/22/13 Don’€™t turn your back on Owen Freeman

What was first an anomaly is now one of his signature angles. I want to commend him for taking this perspective to the next level creating tension that walks the line between fact and fiction. more »

12/18/12 Izhar Cohen showered with NYC assignments

The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, The New York Times and Scientific American all responded with assignments when Izhar Cohen came to NYC with his portfolio. Izhar is a nimble player in this galaxy, as you can see here with these illustrations. more »