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01/23/14 Owen Freeman Lands NYT Sunday Review Cover

It's not always easy to pull readers into “issue” stories featuring subject matter that's heavy on technical terminology. But when those stories are accompanied by Owen Freeman's illustrations, they generate visceral responses—and result in a slew of social media sharing. more »

11/25/13 Gallery of Medical Mystery Images by Owen Freeman

Owen Freeman currently illustrates the Medical Mystery column in the Health & Science section of the Washington Post written by Sandra G. Boodman. Each piece is a challenging medical case--one that has been resolved but in which the patient's symptoms are puzzling to doctors more »

03/22/13 Don’€™t turn your back on Owen Freeman

What was first an anomaly is now one of his signature angles. I want to commend him for taking this perspective to the next level creating tension that walks the line between fact and fiction. more »