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heflinreps: welcomes Kuri Huang and her exuberant illustrations

We are pleased to announce the addition of Kuri Huang to our agency. Inspired by the romantics of the Art Nouveau period and the conventions of Japanese Nihonga painting Kuri Huang has emerged as an original artist representing the exuberant energy of nature and the decorative symbolism of human and animal forms more »

Hanoch Piven’s portraits for The Hemi Q&A:

Q&As; are a favorite treat for the traveler, second to the the drinks cart. The always entertaining back page of Hemispheres or The Hemi features cultural personalities in words but now we can look at them through the eyes of Hanoch Piven. more »

Cat O’Neil for Variety

A singular image for Ken Burns' PBS documentary The Vietnam War by Cat O'Neil followed by a commission for a review of Madame Butterfly staring Clive Owen. Two culturally iconic tributes to complex narratives. more »

Jun Cen for Omega Lifetime magazine on Innate Directional Magnetism

The article for Omega's Lifetime magazine dealt with innate directional magnetism in animals but it had a genuine poetic flavor to it. It spoke of the rules of attraction between animate and inanimate objects. So get out there, humans. Look. Sniff. Listen. Taste. Touch. Just be. Do you really need a magnetic compass to find magnetism? more »

Mark Ulriksen’s “Strike Zone” cover for The New Yorker

"There’s drama inherent in every pitch,” Mark says, about the baseball season. “For the next six months, there’ll be a cast of characters,” he says. “You follow your team with the kind of rapt attention that you would a good book. When fall comes, you get a grand finale. Last year, it all went to the Chicago Cubs. This year, who knows?” more »

Joe Morse portraits of footballers Johan Cruyff and Ferenc Puskas

Cruyff had an uncanny ability to 'see' the field and to pass and be in places that offered chances for his teams. I wanted to have this image of strategy and vision overlay him. Puskas was an incredible player as well as a successful manager--I wanted to portray him as an immovable object--tough and unyielding. He stands in front of Wembley Stadium--where the game took place. more »

Charlotte Knox for American Spoon Foods

Charlotte Knox illustrates beautiful compositions of flowers, fruits and vegetables, along with the odd bee and cow for the designer Louise Fili Ltd. and mid-western family owned American Spoon Foods. more »

Paul Rogers’ Poster for the 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Paul Rogers says "I’ve been traveling down to New Orleans for JazzFest since 1989 and it’s the best music festival in the world. So much great music has come out of The Crescent City over the years and there are so many fantastic musicians living there now, that it’s possible to hear wonderful live music every night of the year, and at JazzFest the choices are overwhelming." more »

Jun Cen for Smith Journal

Jun Cen for Smith Journal, a quarterly publication based in Australia. Smith Journal specializes in stories about thinkers, makers and adventurers. Each volume, commissions one illustrator to design two to four custom full page pieces to accompany the articles. more »

Joe Morse’s Illustrations Adorn “Beloved”

The Folio Society has released a first-ever illustrated version of Toni Morrison's 1988 Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, “Beloved,” with images by Joe Morse. This is not the first time Joe has interpreted Morrison's work; in January 1998, he illustrated a Washington Post review of her book “Paradise.” Folio Society Art Director Sheri Gee says that the process of connecting him with the prestigious “Beloved” project was "more intuitive than anything else.” more »

Jared Andrew Schorr’s Marvelous Monsterbet

When artists take initiative and spearhead projects that showcase their passions, it can lead to opportunities that no one could predict. That's exactly what happened when Jared Andrew Schorr made a poster featuring a thoroughly modern (and totally adorable) monster alphabet. more »

Paul Rogers’ Distinctly Noirish Guide to Raymond Chandler’s L.A.

Paul, who has lived in L.A. his whole life, discovered Chandler's writing when he was in art school. “It's always been a little game among Chandler fans to de-code some of the locations in the books and scout out locations that haven't changed since these novels were first published in the 1940s,” he says of the impetus behind the project, which charts the locations frequented by Chandler's sleuth Philip Marlowe more »

Beegee Tolpa Creates Animated Spokesperson (and Dog!) for Yoga Rice

Yoga Rice recently introduced an animated spokesperson for their organic light brown rice: Jess, a mother and fitness aficionado who tweets, blogs, and otherwise holds court on the company's social media outlets. She and her somewhat sardonic canine companion and confidante, Ward, were created for the company by Beegee Tolpa. more »

Hanoch Piven Reinterprets Audubon’s Roseate Spoonbill

Since last year Audubon magazine's creative director Kevin Fisher has been recreating those images with the help of accomplished illustrators in a regular feature called “Audubon's Illustrated Aviary.” When invited to participate in this year's July/August issue, Hanoch Piven decided to take on the Roseate Spoonbill. more »

Tatsuro Kiuchi Covers the Masters for Golf Digest

Tatsuro Kiuchi's illustrations of the 2013 Masters Tournament, one of the four major professional golf championships, can now be seen accompanying the article “Fresh Take,” by Ashley Mayo, in the April 2014 issue of Golf Digest (print version only). Tatsuro had no prior exposure to the sport before the magazine chose him for this coveted assignment and flew him from Tokyo to Augusta, Georgia more »

Awards Round-Up: Tatsuro Kiuchi, Owen Freeman, and Paul Rogers

Congratulations to three of our illustrators who recently received honors for their work. Owen Freeman got in a piece into Communication Arts: a profile of “Nebraska” director, Alexander Payne, that he created for The New Yorker. Paul Rogers had the following pieces accepted by the Society of Illustrators “Gatsby” (CD cover for Milan Records)... more »

Hanoch Piven Captures Chris Christie for Fortune

The witty and whimsical portrait Hanoch Piven created to accompany a story on Christie for the current issue of Fortune illustrates what happens when a larger-than-life persona collides with an off-the-rails political decision. more »

Owen Freeman Lands NYT Sunday Review Cover

It's not always easy to pull readers into “issue” stories featuring subject matter that's heavy on technical terminology. But when those stories are accompanied by Owen Freeman's illustrations, they generate visceral responses—and result in a slew of social media sharing. more »

Regular gig for Izhar Cohen with Scientific American

Izhar Cohen just landed a regular gig with Scientific American for a monthly column written by Michael Shermer. Michael Shermer is an American science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.
more »

Gallery of Medical Mystery Images by Owen Freeman

Owen Freeman currently illustrates the Medical Mystery column in the Health & Science section of the Washington Post written by Sandra G. Boodman. Each piece is a challenging medical case--one that has been resolved but in which the patient's symptoms are puzzling to doctors more »

Rachell Sumpter joins heflinreps

I recently came across more of Rachell Sumpter’s artwork and was newly impressed with the way she approaches each assignment. Rachell is most well known for the 3 book covers by Dave Eggers, What is the What, Zeitoun and The Wild Things published by McSweeneys more »

Join Jared Andrew Schorr at WonderGround Gallery

Jared says: “I chose to do a piece based on the first Disney animated movie I ever saw and the one dearest to me, Bambi. The introduction of Bambi in the film is one of amazement and grace, and I find myself loving it more than any other character in a movie. I also wanted create a scene of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse partaking in my favorite activities, camping. Some of my best memories are sitting around a campfire with the people I love.” more »

The Property by Rutu Modan

Rutu Modan's second full length graphic novel is the story of a young Israeli woman, Mica Segal, who travels with her paternal grandmother to Warsaw to reclaim an apartment building they were forced out of in 1940. But the grandmother is withholding a wartime secret. more »

Kyushu Japan Railway PLEASE covers by Tatsuro Kiuchi

PLEASE is a complimentary brochure issued monthly by Kyushu Japan Railway. Kyushu is a southern area of Japan and if you are traveling there you will find one of these brochures in most of the train stations or seat pockets of express trains. more »

Tatsuro Kiuichi Blue

One of Tatsuro'€™s calling cards is his use of the color blue. His sense of color as shape and form as well as composition and style is what sets him apart, but when you see a large collection of images, the Tatsuro Blue stands out. more »

Paul Rogers takes to the slopes for German GQ

I love this period yet fashion forward vintage illustration by Paul Rogers. Art Director Jane Meier-Roberts at German GQ called upon Paul Rogers to illustrate the opener for a vintage ski fashion shoot along with a headline treatment. more »

Joe Morse and John Coy collaborate on Hoop Genius

Joe Morse and John Coy collaborate on Hoop Genius, How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball, Carolrhoda Books. James Naismith is that desperate teacher and in 1891 soccer, lacrosse and indoor football were too much for a class of rowdy male students. more »

Izhar Cohen showered with NYC assignments

The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, The New York Times and Scientific American all responded with assignments when Izhar Cohen came to NYC with his portfolio. Izhar is a nimble player in this galaxy, as you can see here with these illustrations. more »

Annabelle Metayer for Mean Girls at Work

Be they mean, kind, wise or wild, I simply enjoy drawing all kinds of stylish women. So I was delighted to receive the commission to create the cover for this contemporary book geared to women in the workplace. more »

Meilo So for Random House: Alex The Parrot

I am so excited to be writing about Alex The Parrot, No Ordinary Bird Meilo So'€™s wonderful and heartwarming illustrated children's book published by Random House. I am an animal lover and any book that has an illustration of a parrot saying I love you to his care taker, and I'm hooked! more »

TEDMED speaker art by Hanoch Piven

Alexander Isley successfully pitched the idea of using Hanoch Piven's collage portrait style for TEDMED's speakers' conference held in Washington D.C. in the spring of 2012. more »

Wall Street Journal Commodities Illustrations by Charlotte Knox

Charlotte Knox is illustrating a series of commodities for the In The Markets page of the Wall Street Journal. Art director Forest Evashevski saw Charlotte's illustrations on the American Spoon Foods labels and envisioned beautiful illustrations of Corn, Wheat, Oranges, and Cotton as a dimensional graphic element for economic news-shaping statistics. more »

Available Spring 2012: Name That Movie by Paul Rogers

In Name That Movie, celebrated illustrator Paul Rogers tests our visual knowledge of the world of cinema, highlighting both obscure and instantly recognizable references to 100 classic films, from the golden age of cinema to the blockbusters of today. more »

Owen Freeman for The New York Times

Tough subjects such as solitary confinement, the death penalty and Memorial Day treated with respect and a deft hand by Owen Freeman, a regular contributor to The New York Times. more »

Joe Morse illustrates Play Ball, Jackie!

Mysterious boxes on my doorstep this time of year is a good thing and this week was no exception. Samples of Play Ball, Jackie! written by Stephen Krensky and illustrated by our Joe Morse made a powerful impression the minute I opened the box. more »

Izhar Cohen’s Poetry on Route project

This past summer, Izhar Cohen's artwork was featured in the Poetry on Route project in Tel Aviv, Israel. Izhar designed and produced more than 50 portraits of poets for large and small banners, posters, and truck decorations. more »

Meilo So’s latest children’s book

So & Co. Books is now selling The Grumpy Old Sailor written by Janice Armstrong and illustrated by our artist Meilo So. The book project took two years to finish. It is the first of four books by the pair. more »

Heflinreps American Illustration 27 Winners

Our artists Greg Clarke, Miguel Gallardo, Tatsuro Kiuchi, and Rutu Modan have artwork selected for the AI 27 annual book due out in February 2009. Joe Morse and Ilene Winn-Lederer also have pieces chosen for the website. more »

Tatsuro Kiuchi Wins Two Bronze Medals

The 3x3 Pro Show has awarded two Bronze Medals in the Editorial category to Tatsuro Kiuchi. His entries had more than a majority of the judges' votes as well as one or more judges listing them as their favorites. more »