Beegee Tolpa recently finished working on a new children's book for Penguin. It's a pop-up book called Everyone Says I Love You, that will be published in the fall. The book shows different people and scenes from all over the world, including Paris, Venice, the Statue of Liberty, Africa and the Netherlands. Beegee says, “Working on it was really fun but also a challenge. I had a fantastic paper engineer (Michael Caputo) who would send me files, like puzzle pieces, and I'd have to illustrate on the different shapes, not truly knowing what it would look like until it was all put together. I had a steep learning curve (and a fast one! the whole book was illustrated in under two months). Once I got the hang of it, it was great fun.” Update: Beegee's book won Second Place, Children's Trade, Pop-up Books, at the 2010 New York Book Show.