Our artists Greg Clarke, Miguel Gallardo, Tatsuro Kiuchi, and Rutu Modan have artwork selected for the AI 27 annual book due out in February 2009. Joe Morse and Ilene Winn-Lederer also have pieces chosen for the website.

Greg Clarke has a series of six images he did for Real Simple Magazine selected called “You've Got Mice.” He also has a New York Times Book Review cover chosen for the website only. Miguel Gallardo has a personal piece called “Barcelona Skyline” selected for the book and three other editorial images chosen for the website.

Tatsuro Kiuchi has three works selected: “Pass the Cheer,” part of the 2007 Starbucks holiday campaign, “Ya-te-veo,” an illustration for the book Beasts!, and “New Year Travel,” an illustration of animals on a plane that also received the Bronze medal in the 3x3 Pro Show.

Rutu Modan will have “Stranger's Eyes” published in the annual, an image for a CD booklet. Chosen for the website are Joe Morse's illustration of “Snoop Dog” for Rolling Stone and two images by Ilene Winn-Lederer, “Betrayal & Rebellion,” and “The Beast of Mass Destruction.” They are both from her upcoming book, “Between Heaven & Earth,” from Pomegranate.

You can see all the entries at the American Illustration website at http://www.ai-ap.com. Click on AI27 and search for the artist by name.