The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, The New York Times and Scientific American all responded with assignments when Izhar Cohen came to NYC with his portfolio. Editorial assignments, especially newspaper assignments leave the artist with no other option than to hone in on conceptual ideas that communicate well with their style. Then of course there is the added excitement of being briefed by art directors who really know their stuff. Both the art director and artist juggle deadlines, breaking news, fitting in last minute ads, all without the entire story from the reporter – it’s a cosmic mix. A big thanks to Forest Evashevski, Christine Silver, Ronald Plyman, Erich Nagler, David Stokes and Michael Mrak.

Izhar is a nimble player in this galaxy, as you can see here with these illustrations. Since the beginning of the 90s' he’s been illustrating for the London, Times, The Guardian, L'expresse in Paris and many more.

Also included is Izhar’s wry and unruly depiction of the artist about to embark for NYC. We welcome you to the Empire State!

Izhar Cohen's portfolio here

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