Jared Andrew Schorr—one of our featured artists—unveils his first project for the children's market: GO! Cards, by So Awesome, conceived by Marie-Claire Camp.

“Toddlers and preschoolers love watching people move on bikes, in boats, and in the air,” says Marie-Claire of the inspiration behind the non-toxic PVC cards, which are sized to fit in a kid's wallet. “My own boys are obsessed with motorcycles and scuba divers, so it was only natural that we would need cards with those on them eventually!”

When she saw Jared's work, she immediately loved it. “The friendly curves, color choices, and playful paper-cuts were so irresistible and memorable that I knew I needed to commission work from Jared sometime in the near future. I contacted Sally as soon I knew the project was a 'GO!'”

Jared is currently creating illustrations for a children's cereal. Designing for kids, he says, is “awesome, in every sense of the word. They take in so much information and learn so much. I want to be a part of that process. I produce work that is already positive and fun. I try to be a playful person in life, and I think that bleeds through in my work.

Written by Eve Tolpa