Joe Morse for Eight by Eight magazine, designed by Robert Priest of Priest+Grace

Since I know nothing about the beautiful game, Joe has the stage:

“On the left Dutch football genius (as a player—not off the field)-Johan Cruyff. On the right Ferenc Puskas, Hungarian footballer and manager. Images for an article on the 1971 European Championship game—-Ajax of Amsterdam vs Panathinaikos of Athens Greece (Puskas was manager of the Greek team).

Overlaid on Cruyff is a diagram of 'total football' which the Dutch team used to perfection. Cruyff had an uncanny ability to 'see' the field and to pass and be in places that offered chances for his teams. I wanted to have this image of strategy and vision overlay him. Puskas was an incredible player as well as a successful manager—I wanted to portray him as an immovable object—tough and unyielding. He stands in front of Wembley Stadium—where the game took place.”

To give this artwork some context, additional sports artwork included.