Joe Morse has developed a writing and drawing style that started out as a way to stay focused and productive while attending countless hours in meetings where he teaches. His constant companions for the last 4 years these little Moleskine books are filled to the brim with the characters of Joe’s personal and professional life in an Escher-esque narrative that will keep the viewer as busy as the artist. Look for these 2 pages from one of Joe’s journal in American Illustration 31.

The ballpoint pen stream of consciousness style Joe has channeled over the years found its way out into the world of art gallery exhibitions. The Fall Classic Show at Smash gallery in Toronto exhibited The Bat Speaks for Itself a readymade object tattooed with the names and nicknames of over 25 great hitters and the best hitting adjectives, verbs and exclamations Joe could find. The show was conceived by 2 young illustrators who have started a baseball bat company (!) called Garrison Creek Bat Co. and who invited Joe and 25 other artists to take a swing at making art with a baseball bat. Nice marketing idea.