Vivan Howard's first cookbook, Deep Run Roots is oozing with delicious recipes and personal tales from her North Carolina roots. Designer Don Morris commissioned chapter header illustrations by Tatsuro Kiuchi to embolden Vivan's key ingredients. Don's vision for the illustrations were a bit of a departure for Tatsuro whose work spans complex concepts and rich realistic narratives. This is where we rely on the greatness of designers and publishers to beat a path to a clearing for an artist to create an adventuresome body of work. Here in this book the humble ingredient is the hero. No matter the subject there's always a bit of magic operating in the background of Tatsuro's illustrations. His artwork can make you feel like you are there and this is a wonderful example of illustration bringing something fresh to the cookbook-world dominated by photography. Everyone's thoughtful contributions spill out on every page and the recipes will not disappoint. It's a page turner.