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Jared Andrew Schorr’s Marvelous Monsterbet

When artists take initiative and spearhead projects that showcase their passions, it can lead to opportunities that no one could predict. That's exactly what happened when Jared Andrew Schorr made a poster featuring a thoroughly modern (and totally adorable) monster alphabet. more »

Join Jared Andrew Schorr at WonderGround Gallery

Jared says: “I chose to do a piece based on the first Disney animated movie I ever saw and the one dearest to me, Bambi. The introduction of Bambi in the film is one of amazement and grace, and I find myself loving it more than any other character in a movie. I also wanted create a scene of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse partaking in my favorite activities, camping. Some of my best memories are sitting around a campfire with the people I love.” more »