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Tatsuro Kiuchi Covers the Masters for Golf Digest

Tatsuro Kiuchi's illustrations of the 2013 Masters Tournament, one of the four major professional golf championships, can now be seen accompanying the article “Fresh Take,” by Ashley Mayo, in the April 2014 issue of Golf Digest (print version only). Tatsuro had no prior exposure to the sport before the magazine chose him for this coveted assignment and flew him from Tokyo to Augusta, Georgia more »

Awards Round-Up: Tatsuro Kiuchi, Owen Freeman, and Paul Rogers

Congratulations to three of our illustrators who recently received honors for their work. Owen Freeman got in a piece into Communication Arts: a profile of “Nebraska” director, Alexander Payne, that he created for The New Yorker. Paul Rogers had the following pieces accepted by the Society of Illustrators “Gatsby” (CD cover for Milan Records)... more »

Kyushu Japan Railway PLEASE covers by Tatsuro Kiuchi

PLEASE is a complimentary brochure issued monthly by Kyushu Japan Railway. Kyushu is a southern area of Japan and if you are traveling there you will find one of these brochures in most of the train stations or seat pockets of express trains. more »

Tatsuro Kiuichi Blue

One of Tatsuro'€™s calling cards is his use of the color blue. His sense of color as shape and form as well as composition and style is what sets him apart, but when you see a large collection of images, the Tatsuro Blue stands out. more »