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Loris Lora portrait

Loris Lora

Loris’ work is inspired by her Mexican upbringing, pop culture, and mid-century illustration and design. Her illustrations can be applied to a variety of platforms such as editorial, book publishing, children’s toy design/surface design, and in galleries. She loves to work with bright colors and because of that has favored gouache as her medium of choice.

When Loris works digitally, she emulates her gouache techniques because she believes her digital work should resemble the way she works in analog. There is a sophisticated playfulness to her work which she owes to surrounding herself with humor and growing up being encouraged to play outside and enjoy the nuances of people and nature.

Inspired by artists found in vintage Golden Books such as Alice and Martin Provensen, JP Miller, Mary Blair, Aurelius Battaglia, and Charley Harper and design giants like Alexander Girard and Ray and Charles Eames. Loris’ artwork is a thoroughly researched nod to those artists but in her own modern approach.

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