While watching Chinatown for the umpteenth time, Paul wondered if he made a drawing of the moment when Gittes places two watches under the tire of Hillis Mulwray's car tire would film lovers recognize that small moment. To test his hypothesis Paul set out sketching unforgettable film moments and posting them as a series of clues on Drawger to test the market.

Without a client on the docket for the project, Paul continued to draw both obscure and instantly recognizable references to classic films from the golden age of cinema to the blockbusters of today. As with Jazz ABZ, Paul's approach to this project was a belief it would find a home eventually; in the meantime, enjoy the brief.

Over the many months it took Paul to complete his series, a product format remained elusive until Jason Sacher saw the series on Drawger and asked if he could pitch it as a book of film clues to Chronicle Books. Once the rules of the game were established, six line drawings in sequence and no movie stars, the format of the book emerged and the editor Steve Mockus gently guided the project into an elegant gift book called Name That Movie.

During discussions with Chronicle on how to best market the book, Paul expressed interest in taking advantage of the video-trailer many book authors are employing to capture viewer attention on various platforms. Paul's trailer for Name That Movie shows, once again, what artist/authors need to do to be heard above the din.

At the time of writing this blog, we received the exciting news from Chronicle that we sold foreign rights in France, honoring the French films included in Name That Movie.

Paul dedicates his book to all those people alone in the dark, and believe me, with this book, I've spent many nights polishing up on my favorite films before taking the quiz myself, thanks to Netflix!

There are 600 drawings in the book, 100 movies and an index in back with film titles. Paul's brilliant wife, Jill von Hartmann designed the book, and put up with a lot of Sunday afternoons with Paul sitting on the sofa with the remote control and a sketchbook.

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