Our artists Greg Clarke, Tatsuro Kiuchi, and Hanoch Piven are all participating in the “Earth: Fragile Planet” exhibition that runs from June 3-July 31. The exhibition is at the Museum of American Illustration in New York, and displays the work of 120 artists who express their personal views about the state of the environment.

Greg Clarke's piece “Adam's Alehouse” was also a Distinguished Merit winner at the 3x3 competition. He says, “My theme was water, and “Adam's Alehouse” was the result. “Adam's Ale” is an archaic reference to the only available beverage to Adam in the Garden of Eden. At the rate we continue to pollute our waters, this image envisions a future where the only access to potable water will be at purified water bars, and even then limited only to creatures of means.”

Tatsuro Kiuchi created “Not So Polar Bear” for the exhibition. He says, “I thought it would be striking to show a polar bear in the forest. He is now living in the mountains because there are no ice floats left for him to hunt seals in the arctic. There he is standing with his hands and mouth soaking in blood. I presented the bear being rather cute, not menacing looking at all, to imply that this is the reality, and this is his nature. He doesn't have to be angry. He is just doing what he has to do to stay alive. The earth will keep rotating whether the natural environment is being destroyed or not. “

Hanoch Piven is also giving a workshop at the Society of Illustrators on July 8, called “Creating Art with Hanoch Piven.” Click on the link below for more details.

Fragile Planet Exhibit: http://bit.ly/9DYuqd

Hanoch's Workshop: http://bit.ly/cWjv6W