Our next series of promotions focuses on the artists' process. Owen Freeman chose a Washington Post Medical Mystery illustration and created a short step-by-step video for our Making Of: promotion series. The making of an illustration can be a bit of a mystery these days for art director and client alike. When art directors ask me “so…how does this work?” I believe they are really asking how to sell the idea of illustration to their clients. Simple PDFs of the artist's process have helped seal the deal many a time.

But to kick it up a notch, click here to watch Owen Freeman's video Making Of: A Washington Post Illustration.

I am so encouraged by Owen's enthusiasm to take on this promotion concept and so pleased with the results. It is especially sweet to highlight a successful series assigned by a knowing art director and client Brad Walters of the Washington Post.

If you have a favorite image that you would like to see parsed in this promotion series, we would love to hear about it. Please keep an eye out for more in the Making Of: or subscribe to our blog for announcements.