Milan Records contacted Paul Rogers to publish his existing illustration of Thelonious Monk, originally published in Jazz ABZ a book of poems written by Wynton Marsalis and published by Candlewick Press. We couldn't oblige but luckily Milan had chosen Paul's Monk because of a tight deadline to produce the CD. Milan reworked their schedule and commissioned an original work of Nina Simone. We hope the CD proves to be successful for Milan and promises of more covers for Paul are forthcoming. The most exciting development for me is what they wrote about Paul in the liner notes: Paul Rogers La couverture originale de cet album a été réalisée par l’un des plus grands illustrateurs américains actuels : Paul Rogers. Passionné de musique et de jazz, il a travaillé en particulier pour Wynton Marsalis et Bob Dylan.

For more background on Paul's process and thinking behind the assignment, visit Paul Roger's blog on Drawger