Lego Systems has a new online campaign called Build Together Road Trip. If you are going on a trip, you’ll need a map to navigate five Destinations, ten Landmarks and onto the virtual activities. Click on any of the illustrated locations to play a game, watch movies, download postcards and collect travel stickers together with a friend or parent. I was quite captivated by the movie about how the Tower Bridge was designed and built, go to Drive in Theatre. This is a great example of an established product making headway into virtual reality. The site keeps kids online longer offering interesting bits of information making it educational and fun for all. One piece of advice, when Lego calls assume everything in the brief will need to look as if it were build of bricks with knobs on them. Doh!

Paul says this about the project: “This online game for Lego uses a Road Trip theme, so I dug into the rich look of American roadside architecture and mixed in some Lego motifs. It was a fun challenge to fit all the requested elements onto a map that would look good and function well for kids and their parents.”

Creative Director Keith Malone first saw Paul's The Incredibles poster as inspiration. Keith says: “When The LEGO Company decided to market to Dads for the first time, we knew that we needed a different look and feel from our kid targeted advertising. The challenge was to find an expression that still reflected the core fun of our brand but would also draw upon a style that would resonate with this older consumer base, “new nostalgic”. Enter Paul Rogers! His style was a perfect match for our concept. Having never worked with Paul before and dealing with a very tight deadline, the team worried that we would be able to have him “get” the brand and be able to execute on time. No worries there, Paul delivered on schedule and beyond our expectations creating art for a truly unique consumer experience. The team here at LEGO is looking forward to working with Paul again in the future.”

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