We are proud to announce that the Post Office has just released a set of four Thanksgiving stamps of iconic scenes illustrated by Paul Rogers. The USPS Fall Philatelic catalog also highlights features of the stamps on the cover and on the edges of all of the pages. Designer Howard Paine first discovered Paul's artwork in the picture book “Jazz ABZ” by Wynton Marsalis. Paul says, “Working with Howard Paine, art director for the USPS, for my first postage stamp was a real pleasure. The challenge for this series of four stamps was to show the complicated and festive scene of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade without showing any licensed characters or even the Macy's store. My idea was to depict the parade from a mid-20th century viewpoint, that way I could avoid the recognizable character balloons from the present day. The rendering style was designed to echo vintage advertising art of the day. The scene also had to be arranged so that each stamp makes a satisfying design when used separately.”

The stamps are on sale now in post offices and at http://www.usps.com/. Click on “Buy Stamps & Shop.” In the “Stamps” drop-down menu at top, click on “44-cent First Class.”