It appears going the entire summer without Mad Men is frustrating for fans of the show. Paul Rogers’ unofficial re-creation of the Mad Men opening titles has temporarily satiated hunger for any news about the next season. Paul posted his re-creation of the Mad Men titles earlier this month and can be seen here on Vimeo. Since then it’s had over 60,000 hits adding 1000 hits a day.

Even if you feel the original is better you can't deny this is an excellent example of an artist being proactive and turning a critical eye on the culture around him into a promotional vehicle. What pleases me most is Paul’s humble approach. He not really trying to call attention to himself in the sense of the mercenary publicist – he leaves that to me – he’s genuinely challenged by what he feels needs improvement and by solving a problem he creates a new style in his portfolio to offer clients.

Google Paul Rogers Mad Men and see for yourself.

NY Magazine says its “extra-preppy”!

Things That Make You Happy says “cool…stylishly great”.

LA Weekly says “what better way to highlight than by contradicting it”.

Adweek + AOL/Fuel the Future chimes in “It’s very of-its-time (the era the show represents, not know)!...we think we like this one better”.

And even The Daily Beast in its Sexy Beast Entertainment & Fashion section noted “…Paul Rogers took matters into his own hands to create this spirited remake.”

It even made the Mad Men Talk on AMC site where you’ll find stalwart enthusiast for both the original version and critical as well as kind works for Paul’s re-creation.