Lori Kelley at the Washington Post Express, the commuter publication affiliated with The Washington Post, but a separate entity, just commissioned Tatsuro for the 2012 Fall Arts Guide which just hit the news stand September 20th. Lori said this when inquiring about Tatsuro’s availability: “… [Tatsuro’s artwork] seems to have just the right nostalgic feel and rich colors and textures I'm hoping for. I want something simple and graphic, in the style of his other editorial [art]work. The reflecting pool in Washington, DC, is on the cusp of reopening, and I'm hoping to use the monument and reflecting pool as a nostalgic jumping off point for ideas.”

The illustration printed as a broadsheet-size 10.78 inches by 19.7 inches on an inside color page.

Tatsuro takes on a lot of work from US and Japan. Consequently we need to weigh each job carefully, as we do with all our artists. Lori did not make the mistake some clients do by enticing us with “it’ll be great exposure”. We are very careful what type of exposure we receive with assignments for our artists and deliberately weigh how to take advantage of the market seeing it. Washington, DC commuters are a great audience and a vibrant art commissioning city thus making it one of those assignments I call “paid marketing”. There are several angles to deciding which assignments to take on. We were honored to embrace this one, it looks terrific and Lori was very pleased. She “loved, loved, loved it.”